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Dyson DC23 AnimalWhen it comes to Vacuum Cleaners, one brand seems to stick out above the rest, Dyson Vacuums. This is even more so when it comes to Cyclone Vacuums, simply because Dyson have simply been the innovators of the vacuuming technology.

When it comes to superior suction, bag-less vacuums, and cyclonic technology, Dyson has become the leader in popular brand name vacuum cleaners that are built to last. Even though with what would seem to be a hefty price tag for a vacuum cleaner, consumers can expect to get their money worth when they buy a dyson vacuum/

History of Dyson Vacuums

Innovative ideas of Dyson started with it's founder James Dyson. In 1983 Dyson launched is first vacuum cleaner the G-Force cleaner. James Dyson percieved his idea of Cyclone Vacuums from industrial saw mills. Even though it seemed like an amazing vacuum at the time Dyson struggled to get it into the market. Manufacturers and distributors would not take his product on in the United Kingdom, because of the fear of diminishing the ever popular replacement vacuum bags.

But this did not deter the determined James Dyson. He produced a bright pink version of the G-Force and found a market in Japan and sold these vacuum cleaners for nearly 1800 US dollars a peice., which lead to the 1991 International Design Fair Price in Japan. Upon this success Dyson began is own manufacturing company

Dyson later released the Dyson DC01 in the UK even though with the high price, Dyson quickly become the most popula vacuum cleaner in the United Kingdom. Even though the United States did not have many if any sales of the DC01 - DC05 Dual Cyclone Vacuums, Dyson Vacuum Cleaners become one of the fastest selling vacuum cleaners when the Root Cyclone Technology was introduced with the first models to hit the United States market.

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