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Cyclone Vacuums
Dyson Bagless Vacuums Cyclonic Assembly

Cyclone Vacuums

Tired of vacuum bags and want a bagless system from a brand name vacuum manufacturer such as Dyson? Cyclone Vacuums offer the bagless system and utilizes the cyclonic assembly to operate a bag-less vacuum cleaner that collects dust, dirt, and mites effeciently and is easy to clean or dump.

Cyclone Vacuums do not use vacuum bags. Instead dust and dirt is sucked up with high speeds into a cylindrical collection bin. The dust is then move to the outside wall of the collection bin by centrifugal force, creating a cyclone effect.

The overall benefit of course is no longer needing to purchase vacuum bags or having loss of suction due to air flow restriction that some bagged vacuum cleaners experience.

Some of the best cyclone vacuums on the market are Dyson Vacuums. These amazing vacuums feature some of the most amazing advancements in vacuum cleaner technology in the world.

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